Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle information and safety:

Motorcycle licence requirements in British Columbia:

If you currently have full licence privileges Class 1 to 5, there is a 3 step process for obtaining your motorcycle licence.

However, drivers with less than two year’s driving experience have some extra steps in getting licensed. More can be read by clicking here.

Note the added steps for new drivers is to help gain on road experience and therefore reduce crashes. Also, drivers under the age of 19 must obtain the consent of their parent/ guardian.

The Insurance Company of British Columbia (ICBC):

ICBC has an excellent motorcycle safety resource here.

10 Tips for Group Riding including Hand Signals:

Lee Heaver, a motorcycle instructor has 10 tips to offer, including arriving prepared for your ride. He also has a great graphic on standard hand signals. More can be read here.

Here is the Hand Signal Chart on Heaver’s site:


An excellent resource where, as Tim puts it, “Where better than average road users satisfy their curiosity!” Click here.

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